What does your coffee “SAYS” about you?

The phrase that we are what we eat is confirmed not only by physiologists but also by psychologists. Even if you don’t like to talk about yourself and hide behind a cup of coffee at gatherings, know that the coffee you drink speaks for you. And quite eloquently!

What does your favorite coffee say about whoever chooses it? Specifically, what traits do people have who are loyal to one or another type of coffee or the way it is prepared? This was tried to find out by clinical psychologist dr. Ramani Durvasula.

About 1,000 Americans participated in the 2013 survey. Subjects were asked what they thought about one or another life circumstance, how they behave when they got into it, such as standing in a traffic jam or a long queue at checkouts, what they did on the weekends, and of course what coffee they usually drank. Dr. Ramani Durvasula assessed the psychological traits of the subjects, such as closedness and openness, sensitivity, perfectionism, pettiness or doubt, patience, etc. t. The study proved that coffee choices have certain regularities, i. i.e., lovers of a particular coffee also have similar personality traits.
  • Late / coffee with milk and sugar. Coffee is bleached and sweetened by conformists, pleasure seekers, kind and open people who generously share their time and attention with others, so they often do not leave it to themselves. These are people who often push their needs to the background. Tends to sweeten and lighten reality just as it sweetens and whitens coffee. In short: neurotic but pleasant.
  • Black coffee. It is chosen by old-fashioned, simple, purist people. They see the world in black and white, everything is pretty clear to them, they sort people and phenomena according to their own system. These are patient, quiet, straightforward, and change-loving people.
  • Cold coffee drinks are chosen by infantile people, in other words, overgrown children, having a good imagination and daring to try new things. Trend "hunters". Communicative, spontaneous, often doing first, acting, and only then thinking. Sometimes it turns against them.
  • Decaffeinated coffee is a favorite of sensitive perfectionists, very petty people, who are very concerned about themselves (body and health). These are intrusive, anxious, and anxious people. Loving when everything is under control.
  • Instant coffee. She is loved by traditional, simple, patient, relaxed lovers of all sorts of things and work, who accept life as it is. Can’t plan and tend to ignore their health.


Dr. Ramani Durvasula admits that certain choices reveal certain traits of our personality, but still advises to look at the results of the study in a similar way to astrological predictions and kindly advise to learn to relax: “It is healthy to get out of the routine sometimes. Although research shows that routine helps us maintain balance and common sense, but sometimes it’s nice to turn away from the usual path and order a cup of unusual coffee for ourselves”.