How Many Calories In A Cup Of Coffee?

For a lot of people, their day doesn’t start without a cup of coffee. They need coffee to provide themselves with energy and keep going on throughout the day. Many people prefer their coffee with some milk and sugar.

But, did you know that instead of providing you with the health benefits, adding these ingredients in your coffee can harm your health? Why is that so? A lot of people say that these ingredients increase the calorie intake which as a result impacts your health negatively.

This is why you need to be careful about how you take your coffee. So, if you are concerned about how many calories in a cup of coffee, and then continue reading.

Different Coffee Types And Calories Present In Them

There are different types of coffees available for you to consume. Each type has a different number of calories present in it. Let us take a look at different coffee types and the number of calories present in each of them below. 

1. Coffee With Milk

Like your coffee with milk? Well, the good news is that you can now add milk to your coffee and not worry about increasing the number of calories in your coffee cup as long as you don’t add sugar in it.

You will be shocked to know that only one spoon of sugar in your coffee can increase the number of calories in the cup by sixteen. Therefore, adding sugar whether brown or white in your cup of coffee is a big NO!

2. Barista Latte

Are you a fan of barista lattes? Then you should know the number of calories going inside you while you are having a cup of barista latte. A barista latte is available in different servings such as large and small.

While a regular cup of barista latte without sugar has 120 calories present in it, you will be shocked to find out that adding sugar to your cup of coffee can increase the number of calories in your coffee by 16 per cup. 

3. Cappuccino

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Who doesn’t like a cup of cappuccino occasionally? But, do you know about the number of calories present in your cup of cappuccino? Cappuccino is available in both skim and full cream milk.

While a cappuccino is available in different servings, each serving has a different number of calories present in them. A small and large serving of skim cappuccino contains approximately 38 and 97 calories.

Whereas, small and large cappuccino with full cream contains 59 and 160 calories approximately. Therefore, choose your cappuccino carefully. 

4. Flat White

For those of you who do not know, a flat white coffee is just like a latte that contains espresso with microfoam. If you are a fan of flat white coffee, then brace yourself! You will be shocked to find out the number of calories present in your cup of flat white coffee.

A large and small cup of skim flat white coffee contains 60 and 175 calories approximately. On the other hand, a small and large serving of flat white with cream has 100 and 280 calories present in them on average.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Coffee?

Coffee and tea are the most popular drinks available to people worldwide. The majority of people consume it on daily basis. But, are there any health benefits of drinking coffee? Or are we just piling up our body with the extra calories by consuming coffee daily?

Although there are no scientific studies to prove the health-related benefits of consuming coffee, a lot of people believe that drinking coffee can help in boosting metabolism, increasing brain power, and even facilitating weight loss. 

Does Coffee Really Help In Weight Loss?

Although it is hard to believe that coffee can actually help you in losing weight because of the number of calories present in it, when taken in the simplest form, it can help you in losing the weight and getting slimmer as well.

According to a study, when you consume coffee thirty minutes before a meal it can reduce energy intake. Thus, a lower appetite will facilitate you in losing weight and becoming slimmer. 

Coffee is no doubt a favorite drink of a lot of people. But, you should be actually aware of the number of calories present in the different types of coffees so that you may lower its use. Otherwise, you may end up gaining a lot of weight!