How Long Does Coffee Last? Does Coffee Go Bad? Here’s The Answer

Wondering how long does coffee last and if coffee ever expires or goes bad? Many times you must have noticed that there is no expiration date on your coffee package.

Why is that so? Does that mean that your coffee does not expire and you can drink it any time you want? 

There are different coffee types and most of them do not have a fixed expiry date. But, this does not indicate that it will always make a good cup of coffee. Coffee gradually loses its flavor over time.

Different factors are responsible for it such as heat, sunlight, etc. So, you must worry when your coffee does not reflect any smell because it indicates that it has lost its flavor and is not suitable for drinking. 

Since there are different coffee types available in the market, their lasting period is different too. Let us take a look below at the different types and their lasting period. 

Coffee Beans

While coffee beans do not get bad or expired, they usually lose their flavor and smell over time. Roasted coffee beans are good to be used for up to twelve months after they have been roasted but the longer they are kept, the more they will lose their flavor and smell.

So, it is recommended that you must consume roasted beans within a month after they have been roasted. But, even if you want to use them for more than a month after they have been roasted, you can. It is because they don’t expire or go bad.

They will only lose their flavor and strength over time. This is why you should get yourself the best brands of coffee beans available in the market. 

Green Coffee Beans

If you are interested in roasting coffee beans at home for a fresh cup of coffee, then you should buy green coffee beans in bulk and roast them over time according to your requirement. Now you can store green coffee beans for up to 12 months before roasting them.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is a common item in many households. A lot of people prefer ground coffee over coffee beans. This is why they always have an extra quantity of ground coffee available at their place. Ground coffee is more likely to get worse as compared to coffee beans because they have a larger surface area than that of coffee beans.

As a result, they are more exposed to environmental hazards. So, ground coffee should be consumed within seven days after it has been ground or else it will lose its aroma and flavor over time. 

Brewed Coffee

A brewed coffee loses its form much quicker than other types of coffees. You must have tasted a cup of brewed coffee that has been lying around for some time. It must have tasted terrible.

The reason for its terrible taste is that when the brewed coffee is left lying around for a longer period, it becomes oxidized and over-extracted. This is why the natural flavor of brewed coffee is lost when it is left lying around.

So you must consume a brewed coffee within an hour after it has been brewed or it will taste bad later.


Most of the people would tell you to drink an espresso immediately or within five minutes after it has been brewed. This is because it contains an ingredient known as crema. Since the espresso contains crema in it, it starts fragmenting within seconds after the espresso has been brewed.

Apart from this, there are many other chemical reactions taking place as soon as the espresso is brewed. These chemical reactions will make your espresso taste terrible.

This is why people recommend consuming your espresso immediately after it has been brewed. Leaving it lying around for longer periods will only make it taste bad. 

K Cups


Just like grounded coffee, K cups are found in many houses as well. Most of the people buy them in bulk to use over some time. So, how to tell if your K-Cup has gone bad or is good to be used? Apart from checking their expiry, you can even sample the coffee.

If it tastes fine, then they are good to use. Do not use a K-Cup if its seal is broken because there is a possibility of the presence of molds in it. A coffee k-cup is good to use within eight months of their manufacturing date.

Different types of coffees have different lasting periods. Therefore, you should check the lasting period of the type you are interested in to ensure that you get the best quality of the coffee.