Does Instant Coffee Harm Your Health?

There are no fewer ways to make coffee than coffee types. Depending on the coffee machine, the tools used, and the method of preparation chosen, different tastes, flavors, and aromas are revealed. One of the simplest ways is to use instant coffee, which is not inferior in quality to ground coffee.

True, you’ve probably heard the myth more than once, that instant coffee is harmful to health and should not be abused, but this is not true. Both ground and instant coffee are good - they have different properties and preparation methods, but both types have advantages.

How is instant coffee made? How to distinguish quality instant coffee? What are the benefits of this coffee?


Instant Coffee: Types

Two types of beans are commonly used in the production of instant coffee: arabica and robusta. "It is the type, ratio, and roasting that determines the taste of coffee: it can be more acidic, more intense, sweeter, or lighter."

What is the difference between arabica and robusta beans?

Arabica beans are mainly grown in Latin America, Indonesia, and India. Their taste and aroma are mild, with hints of berries, fruit, and wine. In addition, arabica beans have a sweetness and are more acidic than robusta beans.

Arabica coffee is generally considered to be of higher quality and is often more expensive due to more complex bean growing and harvesting. Robusta beans are grown in Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These beans are bitter and stronger, you can feel the aftertaste of nuts or grains.

In addition, robusta coffee contains much more caffeine, beans are resistant to pests, making it easier and faster to grow.

How Is Quality Instant Coffee Made?

“You’ve probably noticed that instant coffee is sold in several forms: ultra-fine granules (loose coffee), larger granules, or sublimated, reminiscent of ice crystals. Their taste, smell and price differ. It is the shape of the coffee that betrays the way it was made. ”
There are two main ways to make instant coffee:

1. spray-drying 
2. freeze-drying

In the first production, roasted coffee extract is sprayed in small quantities into a vertical cylinder in which hot air evaporates the liquid, and the coffee is obtained in the form of powder or granules.
This is the oldest method of making instant coffee, the main disadvantage of which is the loss of some aroma. This method is simpler, more commonly used with cheaper types of coffee.

The second method of making instant coffee - freeze-drying - is newer and of better quality. It freezes the coffee extract, and the water is removed under vacuum and low pressure. This preserves a much more aroma. How to recognize this coffee? It usually resembles ice crystals, the granules are flat and these are both shiny.

How To Separate Quality Instant Coffee?

1. Consider the type of coffee bean

Generally, the choice of instant coffee ground from robusta beans is greater. However, Arabic beans are of higher quality. You can also find instant coffee that mixes both types of beans - it is a golden mean, you will feel different flavors in the coffee.

2. Note the form of instant coffee

Sublimated instant coffee is produced by a higher quality lyophilization method (freeze-drying) while preserving flavors. This is how Nestle Professional coffee is made.

What Are The Benefits Of Soluble Coffee?

1. It is high in antioxidants

Like ground coffee, soluble coffee has many antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals. What does this mean? Free radicals damage the body's immune system, contribute to the progression of chronic diseases.

And antioxidants fight them: they help to better protect the body from colds and infectious diseases, and maintain a stronger immune system.

2. Less caffeine

Instant coffee has less caffeine compared to ground coffee. One medium (200 ml) cup of instant coffee can contain 30-90 mg of caffeine, and the same cup of ground coffee - even 70-140 mg.

Caffeine raises blood pressure and is therefore beneficial for people with low blood pressure. However, it is important not to multiply it, as too much can disrupt sleep, cause anxiety and an upset stomach.

3. It has very few calories

You can calmly add instant coffee to your diet, whereas a standard cup of black instant coffee has only 4 calories. By replacing other beverages with coffee, such as drinking coffee instead of one cup of orange juice daily, you can consume 40,000 calories less per year.

Perhaps for coffee gourmets who love experiments, ground coffee is number one, however, its properties of soluble coffee do not yield to it and do not have a negative effect on the body, as we are used to thinking. In addition, instant coffee is an indispensable companion for rushing and traveling because it is prepared extremely quickly and easily. And best of all, its selection is very wide, so you’re sure to discover your favorite flavor!