Top 5 Best K-Cup Flavors for Non-Coffee Drinkers (Reviewed)

Are you non-coffee drinkers looking for the best K-cup coffee flavors?

K-cups are emerging brewing systems, specially designed to brew a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other beverage. The coffee grounds are placed in a one-time use coffee container known as “K-cup” pods.

The grounds are contained using a plastic cup, filter and an aluminum lid. Since there has been a drastic rise in the use of K-cup pods, many companies have invested in researching various flavors and tastes.

A regular coffee consumer would be able to pick out the best flavors instantly, but it is not the same for non-coffee drinkers as they do not know much about the taste of these K-cup pods. If you’re one of them, dig into this brief article to explore and learn more about your coffee preferences. 

Here’s a list of single-serve coffee makers to help non-coffee drinkers pick out the best K-cup flavors.




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Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup pods

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup pods

  • Roasted from 100% Arabica beans
  • Dark-roasted
  • BPA free plastic


Barista-Prima Decaf Italian K-Cup Coffee

Barista-Prima Decaf Italian K-Cup Coffee

  • Dark-roasted
  • No caffeine content


Newman's Own-Organics Special Blend Keurig K-Cup Pods

Newman's Own-Organics Special Blend Keurig K-Cup Pods

  • Blend of medium roast and dark roast
  • Overall medium roast taste and caffeinated drink


Keurig-Green Mountain Variety K-Cup Sampler

Keurig Coffee Lovers' Collection K-Cup Pods

  • Light, dark and medium roasts
  • Various flavors
  • Mixed assortment


McCafe-Premium Roast Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods

McCafe-Premium Roast Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pods

  • Caffeinated drink to boost energy
  • Bulk quantity
  • Balanced taste


Top 5 Best K-Cup Flavors for Non-Coffee Drinkers in 2020

1. Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup Pods - Best Overall

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup pods

These single-serve K-cups are here to make your morning tasks manageable. The pods are manufactured by the coffee company that has been in business since 1859. This company has mastered the skills of making heartfelt coffee.

They hand-pick the beans, roast them under optimum pressure and package them in suitable environments. This gives the beans a refined and fine quality with aromatic taste. Their beans are produced from pure Arabica coffee.

They are caffeinated and medium roasted. The quality of the items is maintained by batches. These pods are very convenient to use as they do not leave behind any stray grinds on your table. So, you do not have to worry about cleaning up any mess. 

These pods are ideal if you want to have just a single cup of coffee without wanting to brew a full pot and then throwing it away. The brewing process of K-cups is convenient and easy-to-use.

These cups are environmentally friendly since they are BPA free. This caffeinated coffee will instantly brighten your day and energize your mood. Apart from coffee, you can use this cup for many other delicacies like iced or frozen recipes.

Whether you’re laid back at home or want to have coffee in a rush, Eight O’Clock coffee K-cup pods are the right choice for you. 


  • These K-cups are convenient to use and easily disposable
  • Roasted from 100% pure Arabica coffee
  • No overpowering taste and contains a great traditional tasting coffee 
  • They are caffeine boosters and pods are made of BPA free plastic


  • Not many varieties to choose from
  • It is dark-roasted, not pleasing for people who consume light or medium-roast 

2. Barista-Prima Decaf Italian K-Cup Coffee - Runner Up

Barista-Prima Decaf Italian K-Cup Coffee

These K-cup pods are ideal for those who love dark-roasted coffee. Barista-Prima Decaf gives you a dark Italian roast coffee without any caffeine content. This is prepared using dark-roasting Italian traditions that preserve the strength of the coffee.

Italian coffee is known for its smooth and sweet taste. Additionally, the dark roasts are identified by the smokiness of coffee with hints of fruit flavors.

Barista Prima is the perfect choice if you’re looking forward to sustaining your caffeine content and reducing the amount of intake. You can have this coffee as much as you wish throughout the day without worrying about the calories. 

This is a bold, full-bodied and strong decaf coffee. It has a smooth taste and has no aftertaste. Unlike the other decaffeinated coffees, Barista Prima has a very strong flavor and is black. In one packaging, there are 72 cups that can last for 2 months. These K-cups are available in different flavors and sizes.


  • Has a bold and strong Italian coffee taste
  • Does not contain any caffeine contents
  • The cups are compatible with Keurig machines and very easy to use


  • The cups are not eco-friendly
  • A bit expensive 

3. Newman's Own-Organics Special Blend Keurig K-Cup Pods

Newman's Own-Organics Special Blend Keurig K-Cup Pods

This Newman’s coffee can be consumed with or without sweeteners, and with or without any cream. A single K-cup is enough to have a fresh start to your mornings.

These cups are also convenient to use, unlike brewing the coffee grounds and dealing with stray grinds. Furthermore, you can enjoy your coffee within a minute as this process is fast. 

Newman’s Special Blend is produced by combining Central America medium-roasted coffee and Indonesian dark-roasted coffee. The coffee has a smooth and rich body. It is medium-roasted, so you can expect to experience a balanced taste that is neither too weak nor too strong.

Due to the blend of the coffee, it is a well-rounded mixed flavor and does not have an aftertaste. It is single-serve and one packing consists of 32 counts. All of them have a single and strong flavor. This will wake you up instantly and boost your energy.


  • It is a blend of two strong coffees
  • It is organic
  • Gives you the caffeine boost


  • The K-cups are overpriced
  • The manufacturer uses plastic non-biodegradable packs
  • Few counts in one order

4. Keurig-Green Mountain Variety K-Cup Sampler

Keurig-Green Mountain Variety K-Cup Sampler

These K-cups are suited for any regular or non-regular coffee consumer since every cup is freshly prepared and has a delicious taste. Most of the customers prefer the Keurig-Green Mountain brand because it’s known for its taste and quality.

Among 20 packs, you can find different flavors and none of them are repeated. You can have your coffee in any style by adding cream, milk or sugar. 

The pack consists of 40 different single-serve K-cups. It includes numerous varieties of roasts, brands, and flavors. The order has two separate packs from the 20 most famous K-cup varieties.

These include 8 Donut shop & Caribou K-cups, 8 Green Mountain K-cups, 8 Gloria Jean's & Tully's K-cup pods. In addition, it also consists of 4 Laughing Man K-cups, 4 Newman’s Own, 2 Krispy Kreme, 2 Kahlua K-cups, 2 Cinnabon and 2 Revv K-cups.

The packs are made of 100% Arabica roasted beans, while some are Arabica mixed with other flavors. The K-cups are an assortment of medium, light and dark roasts. They also have flavored and unflavored coffee.  

This is ideal for non-coffee drinkers experimenting with K-cups for the first time. You can select from a wide variety of 20 K-cups and select your preference. Newman’s Own is well-suited for family members having different coffee preferences. 


  • 20 different flavors, including various brands, flavors and roasts
  • Great assortment of various types
  • Has high-quality brands
  • Assortment has dark, medium and light roasts


  • Some flavors might be outright
  • Comparatively pricey

5. McCafe-Premium Roast Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods

McCafe-Premium Roast Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods

McCafe K-cups are famous and a popular brand. You can take your coffee with cream, milk or sugar. Preparing coffee with this K-cup takes very little time. This is also a convenient way of preparing coffee at home.

The coffee is made from pure and 100% Arabica beans. This premium coffee is medium roast and has a balanced taste. The rich aroma and great taste are the trademarks of McDonald’s. The pack consists of 84 counts that can last for months. 

This is a caffeinated drink and does not leave an aftertaste. This caffeinated drink can kick-start your day, leaving behind the laziness. Decafs are manufactured from the same producer for people looking for healthy options.

The K-cups are packed in plastic and non-biodegradable material. The bulk quantity is especially necessary if you have a family of coffee lovers. We all love McDonald’s for its quality and product. The same is reflected in these K-cups that offer us an aromatic experience. 


  • Comes in bulk quantity to last for months
  • Roasted from Arabica beans alone
  • Has a rich body and balanced taste
  • Caffeinated drink to raise your energy levels


  • A single variety
  • Cups are not eco-friendly

Final Words

K-cups are a convenient way of preparing your coffee at home within minutes. Unlike the brewing process that needs constant observation and cleaning, K-cups do not leave any mess behind.

Whether you are a regular coffee drinker or non-regular drinker, these cups are efficient and easy to use. From the above review, we hope you have picked your K-cup brand based on taste and preference.

We believe Eight O’Clock coffee pods are the best with a great taste and easy-to-use process. They are price appropriate and come in sufficient quantities.  The manufacturer also took care of the quality of the cup by using a biodegradable material. They are the right fit for any coffee drinker. Have a good start to your day by picking the right coffee to boost it.